Participation of CHARTS Project in External Events

The Project also aims at reaching a maximum of local and regional authorities in Europe by disseminating the results of the Project.


Therefore CHARTS Partnership participate at number of external events in order to:


  • ensure transferability of the project's outputs and results
  • facilitate project outputs and results durability and the use of the new instruments and tools from other authorities that are interested in implementing similar strategies
  • gain knowledge and experience in the field of promoting cultural and heritage tourism strategies
  • obtain latest information from European Commission related to political, economic and practical aspects in tourism
  • raise the awareness of the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project within each of the regions participating in CHARTS
  • increase the engagement of the regional and local authorities in addressing issues of mitigation and adaptation at the destination level
  • intensify collaboration at destination level between policy makers, culture and tourism sectors involving all stakeholders


We expect that, by the end of 2014, the audience will:


  • know the existence of the Project, the highly relevant good practices and related tools, so that they will ultimately be able to implement effective regional policy formulation and implementation in the field of culture and heritage and sustainable tourism development strategies (at least one or several of them), use the tools developed by the partners to assess and compare the good practices, and include the good practices and tools in their sustainable tourism development strategies policy


  • disseminate the Project's outputs and results beyond the interregional partnership and throughout the EU and influence policy makers in other regions, EU Institutions (EP, CoR, EC), CoE, international bodies (UNWTO, UNESCO, WTTC) and relevant networks (Europa Nostra, NECSTouR)


  • contribute to the whole process by providing expertise, results, methods and knowledge of the Project to the work undertaken by the EU Institutions, the EC DG Enterprise Tourism Unit, the annual ETF of the EC and Presidency, the Culture Forum organised by the EC, the Council of Europe Cultural Routes initiative, etc, to policy debates and consultations with the EC and other networks (Europa Nostra (EN), Tourism Sustainability Group (TSG), NECSTouR and to the recently published EC 10 year strategy