Web-based Toolkit on Railway Heritage for Cultural Tourism Destinations

Steam railways are a unique cultural heritage with strong European significance that needs to be preserved and promoted by all stakeholders concerned for cultuarl tourism.

The preservation and promotion of heritage railways has been pioneered in North Wales which offers the best practice example in Europe and beyond. 


In Pelion exists valuable material of unique artefacts of railway heritage which should becombined into a unified, coordinating "National Railway Heritage Centre" so as to be exhibited and viewed by visitors.


The production and distribution of video documentaries as well as multilingual cultural-tourist guides and websites play an important role on the promotion and enhancement of the unique cultural heritage of steam railways. 


The promotion and enhancement of museum and tourist railways are achieved through participation in

general and special exhibitions on tourism, culture and volunteering, by digital and conventional

exhibiting material.


The adoption and dissemination of the 'Riga Charter' on the preservation of railway heritage by

FEDECRAIL - the European Federatin of Museum and Tourist Railways, National Heritage Railway

Federations and SteamRail.Net EU Culture 2000 project partners, are important steps towards the

protection and promotion of the unique cultural heritage of steam railways.


Web based toolkit on Railway Heritage will coming soon.