Local event in Pafos


27 June 2014


Pafos Regional Bard of Tourism (Cyprus) organised local meeting for stakeholders and media in order to disseminate project results and introduce them with actions to be done by the end of year by involving local stakeholders for sustainable cultural tourism development in region.

Local event in Veneto


6 June 2014


Veneto Region hosted local dissemination event in Padua University for local stakeholders, media and students of Padova University Tourism Department in order to introduce with project, its results and benefits for region.

Local event in Mallorca


30th May 2014


Consell de Mallorca organised local event which was focused on Cultural Routes as a good practice in the project. Ms Pilar Barraca from Ministry of Culture of Madrid and Mr. Jordi Tresserras - Expert on Cultural Routes and project partner from Barcelona University presented papers on the importance of cultural tourism, especially concerning cultural routes as a way to improve local development, economy and awareness on local people about their heritage. Mr. Josep A. Aguiló (Head of Service of Environment Department of Consell de Mallorca) contributed with the presentation "The CHARTS project and the Dry Stone Route as a cultural route: present and future". 50 participants attended the meeting including representatives from 15 Municipalities, local tourism associations, stakeholders, local actors, hotel associations, general public and media.

Local event in Wales


8 May 2014


Cadw, Welsh Government's Historic Environment Department organized local dissemination event at the Caernarfon Castle in Gwynedd, in order to present project results so far and produced web-based toolkit on climate change for destinations. This event brought together local stakeholders, policy officers with decision makers and representatives of media.

South Pelion Municipality organised two local events


2 April & 11 April 2014


South Pelion Municipality (Lead Partner, Greece) hosted two Local Stakeholders meetings with media at Neochori village and Volos city for preview of the video documentary for cultural and sustainable tourism promotion and marketing in South Pelion region. Both meetings were started with presentation of the CHARTS by Project Coordinator and a video documentary on best practices and Sustainable Cultural Tourism with discussions on CHARTS progress and benefits from project results to region and locals.

11 Local Stakeholders meetings about CHARTS in Vidzeme region, Latvia


October 2012 - April 2014


During period October 2012 - April 2014, Vidzeme Tourism Association (VTA) organised 11local stakeholders meetings about CHARTS with representatives from media across Vidzeme region, Latvia, in order to serve a platform between VTA, stakeholders and local media to raise awareness about CHARTS, exchange of information after each Thematic Workshops of project, to discuss about stakeholders contribution in project, project progress, as well as benefits from project results to locals and Vidzeme region.


First local Stakeholders meeting took place on 30 October, 2012 in Gulbene Municipality with 52 participants. Second local Stakeholders meeting took place on 27 November 2012 in Ergli Municipality with 53 participants. Third meeting took place on 10 December 2012 in Valka Municipality, all together 35 participants. Fourth meeting took place in Staicele Municipality on 12 March 2013, with 40 participants. Fifth meeting took place in Ikskile, Ogre Municipality, all together 35 participants. Sixth meeting took place in Carnikava Municipality on 22 April, 2013 with 26 participants. Seventh local meeting held on 5 November 2013, in Ape Municipality, all together 47 participants. Eighth meeting took place in Limbazi on 3 December 2013 with 52 participants. Ninth meeting  held in 21 March 2014, in Vecpiebalga Municipality with 44 participants. 10th meeting took place in Rauna Municipality in 14 April, with 43 participants. The final meeting took place in Saulkrasti Municipality in 29 April, with 31 participants.


The Final Conference of CHARTS for local stakeholders and media will take place on 5 November 2014, at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Valmiera, Vidzeme region, Latvia.


More information about local events in Vidzeme (in Latvian): 


Union of Local Authorities organised press conference for media and stakeholders


11 February 2014


In order to disseminate Project`s achievements and results, the Union of South-East Region Local Authorities (USERLA) hosted press conference for media and stakeholders in Burgas (Bulgaria) on 11 February, 2014 about CHARTS project. In this event were presented journalists from 4 newspapers, 4 radios, 5 internet news portals, TV and relevant representatives of local authorities.

Atanaska Nikolova, Secretary of USERLA an a Member of the Consultative Board of the CHARTS, introduced with project and its results to date, highlighted a role of USERLA in the project and presented CHARTS Award - the first award contest in cultural tourism for destinations.

More than 20 articles appeared in local newspapers and news portals with story at local TV.

Midland Regional Authority organised local event 


On 11th June, 2013 partner Midland Regional Authority organized local dissemination event about project CHARTS with heritage officers of the constituent local authorities of the Midland Region, having role to provide a co-ordinated approach to managing and promoting local heritage, the national tourism board Failte Ireland  and Waterways Ireland, which has reponsibility for the management, maintenance, development and restoration of inland navigable waterways in order to explore the possibility of collaborating on a Cultural Trail in the Midlands. 



Local dissemination event in Gothenburg


On 17th April 2013, partner Region Västra Götaland summoned the 49 municipalities of the region in the local dissemination event to inform their executive directors of cultural affairs of the work being done within the CHARTS project and discussed how they could be benefited from project or contribute to the project outputs. Local media attended the meeting and interviewd staff from Region Vastra Gotaland.

Lead Partner organised event for locals in Pelion


Project Lead Partner - South Pelion Municipality hosted local event  for media and local stakeholders on 6 February 2013 in Afissos, South Pelion, Greece. During this event, 28 participants were informed the benefits and contributions of the project CHARTS for tourism development and promotion in South Pelion region by highlighting the rich cultural and natural heritage which are  very important and beneficial for the region trans-European cooperation and all Magnesia region. 

Event was linked with Staff Exchange between two partners - Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (Cyprus) and South Pelion Municipality (Greece). 


Article about event in Greek here

Local event for journalists and stakeholders in Mosna


12 October 2012

National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism NIRDT organized press and media event in the Sibiu County, Mosna locality, Romania for journalists and local stakeholders  about CHARTS project. This event was linked with a local event named "Festivalul verzei - Cabbage Festival".