The Joint Training Seminar “Heritage and Cultural Policies and Strategies for a Sustainable Tourism Promotion and Development in European Regions” were held in Barcelona from 21 – 22 June 2012 and were hosted by the project partner IBERTUR /University of Barcelona in collaboration with the Catalonia government for officials and policy makers. 52 participants from 10 partners regions, elected representatives as well as experts on thematic fields were present.

During seminar, participants discussed about challenges they face in compiling culture and heritage in Europe and exchanged views on how to encourage the use of the good practices in Regional Tourism policy / Implementation plan.

Participants attended urban-gastro tour „Sweet Barcelona” by spin-off project “Barcelona Gourmet Discoveries” promoted by Barcelona University and get acquainted with special Catalonian local products with Guarantee Brand presented and promoted by Catalan Institute for Cuisine and Gastronomy included in the UNESCO Immaterial Heritage List. All seminar participants were attracted by Catalan culture tradition building Castell human tower.


Seminar was dedicated on Cultural and Tourism Policies and Strategies for a good governance, sustainable tourism and regional development in Europe; EU initiatives on sustainable and responsible tourismexperience exchange on good practices in Heritage and Cultural Policies and Strategies and Cultural and Creative Industries in Tourism Strategies. 


Two days Seminar aimed:

  • to benefit the staff of the partner regions in culture and heritage inputs to tourism sustainability regional policies and related innovations,
  • to provide a better understanding of the wider issues involved in heritage tourism and destination management,
  • to acquire knowledge and increase partners capacities.


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