INTERREG IVC project CHARTS Closing Conference


”Engaging Culture and Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development”


10 – 15 September, 2014

Valis Resort, Agria, Volos, Greece

During 2,5 years, CHARTS Project enriched regional policies with culture and heritage as added value for tourism sustainability by exchange experience amongst the 13 partners in established 12 Good Practices on the sustainable management of culture, heritage and landscape through communication and collaboration, keeping in mind the effects of innovation and creating a base of knowledge that can span well beyond the project’s end.


The main objective of this Closing Conference was to showcase the achievements, benefits, significant results and outputs produced by CHARTS project partners’ regions and destinations, regarding exchange of experience on 12 good practice topics and sustainable tourism solutions, with various presentations and discussions.


The Conference addressed a whole range of relevant issues from the sustainability perspectives, identified specific challenges and examples of relevant actions by invited keynote speakers, experts, academics and practitioners.

The Conference also provided an opportunity to discuss how regions and destinations can initiate and support sustainable tourism development in Europe through engaging culture and heritage (including contemporary culture and natural heritage); what is the contribution of Cultural, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism development in tackling the economic and financial crisis and how Cultural, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism can contribute in the ‘Experience Economy’.


The Conference was combined with pre- and post-Conference study visits and constituted a major event for Cultural Tourism in Europe with invited keynote speakers.


During this Closing Conference there was a ceremony of the ‘CHARTS Award 2014’ prize for “Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism” and the presentation and adoption of CHARTS Charter on "Culture and Heritage Added Value to Regional Policies for Tourism Sustainability". 

CHARTS Conference Programme 09-09-2014 f[...]
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Opening addresses

Speech G.Velcis Latvia.pdf
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EU InterregionalCooperat_JTS Akos Szabo.[...]
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Presentations at Parallel Sessions

Cadw, UK
CHARTS Climate Change presentation.pdf
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University of Thessalia, Greece
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GP transfer in Veneto region, Italy
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Sandra de Puig, NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat
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USERLA, Bulgaria
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Dr. Pavlos Arvanitis
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M.Meladze_T.Koblianidze, Grigol Robakidze University, School of Business and Management, Georgia
Modern Trends Partnership_Georgian Cultu[...]
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NIRDT, Romania
Host Communities _RT.pdf
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Dr. Pavlos Arvanitis
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HC transfer in South-East Bulgaria.pdf
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M.Piranashvilli and L.Kadagidze, Grigol Robakidze University, Georgia
World Heritage List for Development of R[...]
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Quality Criteria.pdf
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Vidzeme Tourism Association, Latvia
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Toni Bosch Oliver, Operations Department, Mallorca Transports Consortium
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Ilias Katsikaros and Iris-Efcharis Katsikarou, Co-founders of Questlayer, Greece
Questlayer_Circulation by Motivation.pdf
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H.Papatolia, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean
Alternative tourist tour model for mobil[...]
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Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus
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University of Thessaly, Greece
Place Marketing and Sustainable Tourism.[...]
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Consell de Mallorca, Spain
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V.Taktikou, project CLEAR SEE partner EKPOL
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K.Petrakis, Transport Planner, CHARTS MCU
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University of Barcelona / Ibertur, Spain
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University of Thessaly, Greece
Traditional Skills Trades.pdf
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Romanian traditional crafts by representatives of NIRDT, Romania
CRAFTS in Romania.pdf
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Veneto Region, Italy
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Ionut Maftei, Consultant of CarpatBike, Romania
Non-conventional promotion existing Heri[...]
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Keynote speakers

Sandra de Puig, NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat
European Regions_Drivers of Sustainable [...]
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Miltiadis Lazoglou, Europa Nostra
EΝtopia Project Our Places in Europe.pdf
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Partners` Voices